Easy DIY Christmas Tree Crafts for your toddler

This Christmas, try making Christmas trees with your child in different yet easy and fun ways!



The first craft was to make Christmas tree using paper cups that were lying around in the house. I set up a cute little tray for my son, with all the supplies required for this craft. It had paper cups, a sheet of puffy stickers, some pom-poms, green paint, brushes and some flower stickers. My son used his own way and created a Christmas tree using paper cups and green paint. We let the cups dry for about 30 minutes in the sun. After which he decorated the tree with the stickers. And ta da!

The Christmas tree was ready.



For the second craft, I used a thermocol block. You can even use a foam block, if you don't have thermocol at home. For the Christmas tree, I used green and brown cardstock paper, and for decoration I used pom-poms. My son helped me insert the toothpicks onto the pom-poms which he further pierced onto the thermocol Christmas tree. It was a fun-filled motor activity.



Our third craft was really easy. All we did was grabbed a bunch of rubber bands and my son just inserted them onto the paper cups. He further decorated it with some decorative tapes. And that was it; our cute little Christmas tree was all ready!



For this last craft, friends of my son joined in too. All I did was made three Christmas tree templates for the three children, gave them some cut straws and put glue onto each of the Christmas tree.They had an absolute blast decorating their trees with these straws.

To understand this even better, watch my video


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