Pomegranate In Pregnancy – Benefits, Precautions & More

Pomegranate In Pregnancy – Benefits, Precautions & More

21 Jul 2022 | 8 min Read

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Eating plenty of fruits during pregnancy is highly recommended so that the expecting mum gets proper nutrition. One such fruit is the pomegranate. Pomegranate for pregnancy is recommended as the folic acid content inside pomegranate prevents neural tube defects which cause damage to the spinal cord of the fetus.

Pomegranate grows in the Middle East region and the tree can grow up to five to eight feet. Since pomegranate is often grown as a medicinal plant, some people also call it an ornamental plant. Read on to know more about benefits of anar during pregnancy.

Is It Safe To Eat Pomegranate During Pregnancy?

Often mums ask questions like, “Is pomegranate good for pregnancy?” and “Is pomegranate safe during pregnancy?”

No study proves that eating pomegranate during pregnancy is harmful. Plus, many doctors and nutritionists recommend eating pomegranate seeds or drinking pomegranate juice in pregnancy.

It is not advisable to consume the extracts. Pomegranate juice during pregnancy is safe and has tons of nutrients to offer and can satiate your sweet cravings to an extent, keeping you hydrated at the same time. You can also consult a doctor before consuming it.

Nutritional Value of Pomegranate

An excellent source of nutrition and antioxidants, pomegranate contains vitamins and phytochemical compounds. Therefore, pomegranate is good for pregnancy.

Besides, pomegranate is a storehouse of Vitamin K, Vitamin C, calcium, folate, iron, protein, fibre, and potassium.

benefits of pomegranate in pregnancy
Since pomegranate is often grown as a medicinal plant, some people call it an ornamental plant. | Image Source: freepik

7 Benefits of Pomegranate During Pregnancy

Eating pomegranate in pregnancy is recommended for its nutritional value. Some of the benefits of eating pomegranate during pregnancy are:

  1. Prevent iron deficiency (anaemia): Pomegranate is a rich source of Vitamin C, integral to a healthy pregnancy. It helps in the synthesis of iron from the food items that the expecting mum consumes.

Doctors recommended the intake of iron-rich foods during pregnancy so that there are adequate iron stores in your blood. Vitamin C aids your body to absorb iron.

Enough iron and Vitamin C in your body lowers your risk of iron-deficiency anaemia, which often leads to preterm delivery.

  1. Keeps the digestive system healthy: A good source of fibre, eating pomegranate eases constipation in pregnancy. Eating vegetables and fruits helps to keep constipation and other digestive disorders at bay.

By stimulating bowel movements, the fibre present in pomegranate plays a key role in streamlining the entire system and providing relief from a lot of discomforts.

  1. Helps fight free radicals: Eating pomegranate in pregnancy helps fight free radicals that are formed in the body as a result of various bodily processes.

Some of these might stay within the body and interact with healthy cells or even DNA molecules and cause damage to the body internally and affect the placenta at times.

The antioxidants present in pomegranates can help repair any damage to the cells and protect the unborn baby’s brain from any damage.

  1. Provides relief from cramps: Pomegranate is a good source of potassium, a mineral that’s integral to a healthy pregnancy.

Having pomegranate juice daily after consulting your doctor can ensure a good supply of potassium in your body and can provide you instant relief from pregnancy-related cramps.

  1. Improves bone density: Eating pomegranate in pregnancy can increase bone calcium content in the expecting mums.

Regular consumption of the fruit can also prevent bone loss and also enhance bone formation.

  1. Improves heart health: Eating pomegranate during pregnancy helps to improve your heart health.

The antioxidants in pomegranate reduce cholesterol and improve cardiovascular health.

  1. Reduces hypertension: Some expecting mums suffer from preeclampsia (excessively high blood pressure) that can increase the risks of maternal and foetal mortality.

Drinking pomegranate juice during pregnancy aids reduces blood pressure as it contains a polyphenol called punicalagin. Punicalagin is known to have bioactive properties.

These were some of the benefits of pomegranate during pregnancy for the expectant mother.

Benefits of Pomegranate for Babies

Eating anar in pregnancy is beneficial for the unborn baby too. Some of these benefits include:

  1. Assists in the brain development of the baby: Pomegranate is a good source of folate, a necessary element for the proper development of the foetus.

Folate works towards supporting the development of neural tubes and the nervous system of the growing baby.

  1. Prevent cleft lip in the babies: Folic acid can also prevent cleft lip in little ones. These are openings or splits in the upper lip.

How Can You Include Pomegranate In Your Diet During Pregnancy?

You can include pomegranate in your pregnancy diet in several ways:

  • If you are fond of lamb preparations, you can complement the flavour by garnishing it with a few mint leaves and pomegranate seeds.
  • When preparing mixed fruit smoothies or even milkshakes, you can add a few pomegranate pearls to elevate the taste. You can also use them as a topping before serving them.
  • Adding pomegranate pearls to desserts and salads can be a good idea.

How Many Pomegranates Should You Take In Pregnancy?

Often expecting mums ask questions like: how much pomegranate should I eat a day?

Ideally, one pomegranate a day is sufficient to obtain the pomegranate benefits in pregnancy.

However, it is advisable to consult a doctor before consuming pomegranate during pregnancy.

Consumption of Pomegranate During Different Trimesters In Pregnancy

Pomegranate for pregnancy is a safe and healthy choice. Therefore, pregnant women can have pomegranates throughout all trimesters.

It aids digestion, improves your gut health, energy levels and even decreases the risk of injury to the placenta.

pomegranate in pregnancy
The seeds of the pomegranate are packed with a host of health benefits to keep your body free from a range of diseases. | Image Source: freepik

You can also have pomegranate seeds. The seeds and the juices are also known as arils and are the edible parts of this fruit. These arils are packed with a host of health benefits to keep your body free from a range of diseases, especially during this crucial phase.

When Should You Start Taking Pomegranate During Pregnancy?

Pomegranate in pregnancy in the first trimester is highly recommended as ut eases morning sickness.

Pomegranate during pregnancy in the second trimester can also be healthy choice. 

What about the third trimester? Well, pomegranate during pregnancy is in its third trimester will be a safe choice.

Since pomegranate is highly acidic, it is advisable to consume it during the mornings instead of at night or in the morning. It can be consumed throughout your pregnancy.

You can also ask your doctor as he/ she will be able to guide you on this.

Precautions While Eating Pomegranate During Pregnancy

Here are some precautions while eating pomegranate in pregnancy:

  • It is recommended to have pomegranate in moderation as it has a higher count of calories. Pregnant women can easily cross their healthy threshold of calories by consuming pomegranate in excess.
  • Instead of purchasing pomegranate juice from the supermarket, you can buy the fruit instead and make the juice at home to make sure that it is pure juice and contains no preservatives.

When You Should Avoid Eating Pomegranate In Pregnancy?

If you consume pomegranate extract, it can trigger premature contractions. The extract is prepared without separating the rind from the rest of the fruit and contains certain elements which can interact with the pregnant mum’s body, triggering premature contractions.

It is advisable to avoid this fruit if you are having cramps during pregnancy as you might consume the extract by mistake and worsen the scene.

Expecting mums who are overweight are also advised to avoid pomegranate due to its higher calorie content.


Pomegranate for pregnancy has a myriad of benefits. Including pomegranates in your pregnancy diet is can ensure that some of your nutritional requirements are met on a daily basis, especially during this special phase.


Is it safe to consume pomegranate juice during pregnancy?

There are many benefits of pomegranate juice in pregnancy.

Anar juice in pregnancy is safe to consume and has tons of nutrients to offer and can satiate your sweet cravings to an extent, keeping you hydrated at the same time. 

Does eating pomegranate during pregnancy makes the baby dark?

No, this is just a myth and there’s no scientific evidence to prove it.

Pomegranate is good for early pregnancy?

Pomegranate during early pregnancy or in the latter part will be a safe and healthy choice due to its nutritional value.

Best time to drink pomegranate juice during pregnancy?

You can have pomegranate juice with your regular breakfast to have all the nutrients it has to offer.

Pomegranate juice in empty stomach during pregnancy? Is it safe?

Yes, it completely safe to have pomegranate juice in empty stomach. Being a water-based fruit, it also contains electrolytes and can hydrate your body in the morning. Plus, many of its nutrients get absorbed on an empty stomach.

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