Foods To Avoid During Pregnancy

Foods To Avoid During Pregnancy

First of all hearty congratulations to all moms to be!!! Today I would like to share my personal experience with foods that we should avoid during pregnancy. During pregnancy, the body is subjected to various sets of changes and hence it is advisable to consume food consciously. Also taking medical help from a dietician is advised.


What and How to eat during the First and Second Trimester:


During the first and second trimester, one should avoid eating excess as this may result in weight gain. A healthy diet throughout the pregnancy can do wonders in your and fetus's health.


Avoid Self Medication: Generally, we tend to take medicines which are common drugs for fever and cold. Avoid self-medication during pregnancy, and do consult the doctor for drugs which are safe to consume during pregnancy even in the case of fever or cold.;
Fruits To Avoid;- In fruits try to avoid Papaya, Raw Pineapple and, Black Grapes. The after effect of these fruits are hot in nature and hence advisable to not consume in larger quantities.


Vegetables To Be Avoided: Cabbage and Eggplant (baigan) are also to be avoided. This is again for the same reason. They are said to produce heat in the body which can lead to further issues during pregnancy.


Avoid Dry Fruits Initially: Avoid dry fruits till 3 months of pregnancy. You can have milder quantities (25-30 gms) of them post three months or upon the advice of the doctor.


Avoid Outside Food: Avoid roadside food, juices, fast food and foods which contain the Chinese salt - Ajinomoto. Ajinimoto is not considered healthy and is to be avoided at all times and especially during pregnancy.


Avoid Any Preservatives Or Packed Food: Foods which are packed for longer duration brings indigestion problem and in pregnancy, it can further aggravate issues related to digestion.


Drink Only Filtered And Boiled Water: Contaminated or impure water is a strict no-no. Use filtered or boiled water.


Eat Fresh: Try to eat as much fresh as possible and avoid leftovers. This is to ensure that digestion is not an issue at all.


Avoid Sea Food: Avoid eating seafood in frozen as well as fresh form especially during monsoon.;


Avoid Herbal Tea: Some herbs may cause contractions and even miscarriage. Hence you are required to speak to your doctor before taking herb's in any form.;


Avoid Alcohol: Do not consume alcohol in any form. Alcohol and Smoking are strictly prohibited right from the day you are pregnant.;


Avoid eggs in the raw or undercooked state: You may experience a headache when eggs are consumed in raw form. Limit the food which may have an adverse effect on your digestion.


Limit Sweets: Limit the sweets dishes as more of it can increase pregnancy weight and may lead to further complications. If you have cravings for some special ones try to have them in milder quantities.


Be selective and cautious about what you eat when you are carrying. Remember that your food defines you as well as your baby's health. Have a balanced and healthy diet. Please share your views about my blog this will motivate me to write further and do share your experience with  us.


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