What Is Equal Parenting And How Does It Impact Your Child’s Development?

What Is Equal Parenting And How Does It Impact Your Child’s Development?

12 May 2023 | 7 min Read

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In today’s age, equal parenting is no more considered a foreign concept. While in the past, many parenting duties fell on the women’s shoulders, with education and development, now both men and women are active in the workforce as well as their parenting tasks.

This includes being equally involved in their child’s health, upbringing, education, socialisation, and day-to-day care. Read on as we discuss more about equal parenting, its benefits for your children, and what women from the workforce have to say about it. 

What Is The Right Time To Start Equal Parenting?

Ideally, you and your partner should start by sharing your duties and responsibilities as soon as you find out you are pregnant. This includes visiting the doctor together, taking prenatal classes, setting up your baby’s room, and managing finances for delivery and childcare.

In fact, a study conducted by the National Library Of Medicine has found that equal parenting can reduce the risk of postpartum depression, a common condition seen in new mums, and hence, the earlier you get into the habit of sharing responsibilities, the better it is for you, your partner, and your baby.

How Is Equal Parenting Useful For Your Child?

Besides helping you manage your parenting responsibilities, equal parenting is also beneficial for your child, as they get to spend quality time with each parent and develop a strong and healthy connection with them.

Equal parenting also has a positive impact on the overall growth and development of children and helps them grow into emotionally stable and independent individuals in the future. It also educates children about gender equality from an early age, which further helps them excel at academics and workspaces in the future.

Due to its positive impacts, more and more parents are adapting to sharing their responsibilities equally in raising children. Let’s see what some of the women from the workforce have to say about this parenting style.

5 Women From The Workforce Share Their Take On Equal Parenting

Naiyya Saggi, CEO Of BabyChakra, Co-Founder Of The Good Glamm Group

Entrepreneur and mum Naiyya Sagii is a strong advocate for #EqualParenting. In fact, while talking about the genesis of BabyChakra at one of the editions of #MomsTalk, Naiyya revealed, “I want to create a platform that shows every mum and dad have a similar story, and together they can conquer every parenting challenge.”

She added, “#EqualParenting is going to be foundational in the coming phases of BabyChakra. We have a lot more planned to come with respect to this campaign, and I encourage you all to watch out for the helpful and interesting stuff coming your way.”

Alia Bhatt, Actor, And Founder Of Ed-A-Mamma

On multiple occasions, Alia Bhatt has spoken about how she and her husband Ranbir Kapoor share their parenting duties equally. In an interview, the actor revealed that their intention had always been to share their responsibilities and take time off to look after the baby when the other is working. 

Ranbir himself has also spoken about how he wants to share every responsibility in this beautiful journey with Alia and support #EqualParenting. 

Twinkle Khanna, Actor, And Founder Of Tweak India

Actor and author Twinkle Khanna and her husband Akshay Kumar are proud advocators of #Equal parenting, and try their best to fulfill their parenting responsibilities equally. In an old interview, Twinkle revealed, “As working parents, Akshay and I try our best to share our parenting duties and support our children.” 

She also added, “If I am out with the kids, Akshay takes over the household duties and even runs errands if needed, and vice versa.”

Malika Datt Sadani, Founder Of The Moms Co.

Malika has also openly extended her support to the #EqualParenting movement. In fact, she and her husband believe in sharing every responsibility, be it in the workspace or raising their daughters. 

In an interview, Malika said, “It’s crucial to respect each other and support each other to achieve the goals we have set. This also comes into action in parenting. We navigate all the challenges and roadblocks together, and ask for help when needed.”

Neha Dhupia, Actor

Neha Dhupia is often referred to as the driving force of #EqualParenting. She frequently talks about how parenting responsibilities have to be shared equally, and if one partner is not good at doing certain tasks, like changing diapers, then find something else they can assist with. 

She also emphasises the importance of good communication, as it is key to sustaining good relationships and crucial while raising children. 

Navigating The Challenges Of Equal Parenting

While some couples may easily gravitate toward sharing their parenting duties, others may not find it so easy. For instance, if one is a homemaker and the other is working, or if both parents are working from home, for them, the division of parental duties may seem complicated.

Moreover, there may also be societal challenges, such as many people don’t approve of the father shouldering baby care duties, such as changing diapers, doing the dishes, or helping the kids with homework.

Regardless of the situation, remember, communication is key to managing the challenges of equal parenting. Hence, make it a habit to openly discuss everything with your spouse, especially if you are in need of additional support to make everything work.

Ground Rules For Equal Parenting

While it may seem difficult in navigating the challenges of parenthood, these tips will help you achieve your goals and expectations as parents efficiently.

  • Work as a team, and remember you are partners in life, and this journey in life is no different.
  • Create a schedule/chore chart. Understand your responsibilities, have clear expectations, and always deliver your side of the deal.
  • Be flexible. You cannot deliver your 100% all the time. Hence, instead of being calculative, practice communicating openly, especially when you need help from your partner.
  • Acknowledge yourself and your partner for always giving your best efforts.
  • Make sure to set some time apart for yourself regularly to gather your thoughts and just indulge in your favourite activities.
  • Enjoy some quality time together. This can help both of you reconnect, communicate, and discuss your challenges better.


With equal parenting, you and your partner can motivate each other better and also fulfill your child’s needs effectively. The best part is that when responsibilities are shared fairly, your little one gets to spend more time with each parent, as well as the family as a whole.

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