How Your Baby Grows Inside You: Week 25

How Your Baby Grows Inside You: Week 25

You are now stepping in that phase of your pregnancy when the baby shower aka godh bharai ceremonies will kick in and you will find yourself amidst the celebrations. Time to rejoice!     

Also your baby is now about 13½ inches long and weighs about 680 grams. S/he is now growing much more rapidly and you might be able to see visible changes in your body every week.

And like we said, as you step in the seventh month of your pregnancy, your family will want to plan a baby shower or a godh bharai ceremony. Whichever way you choose to celebrate it, the aim is for you the mom-to-be, to have a good time and seek blessings from family and friends.


Signs and Symptoms

Your doctor will schedule a Glucose Tolerance Test (GTT) now. This involves providing a blood sample before consuming a fixed amount of glucose and then giving a sample again after one or two hours of consumption. This test allows a doctor to understand how your body responds to glucose levels in the blood.

Some mothers develop gestational diabetes in the third trimester. This may worry you but with proper diagnosis and management, you can have a safe pregnancy and a healthy baby.

It is also time to decide about the place for your child’s birth. If  you haven’t made your decision yet, the time is now. Most hospitals would want you to complete registration by week 28.

Plan hospital visits to understand the different facilities available. The choice of the place of delivery will also depend on your individual pregnancy needs. If you have a low risk pregnancy, you can choose to deliver in a small maternity home. On the other hand, a high risk pregnancy should opt for a tertiary hospital which has an attached NICU, blood bank and other backup facilities.


Physical Development

You might be tempted to compare your bump with other pregnant women. It’s a natural feeling and which then moves to comparing babies. Remember, each pregnancy develops differently, so the size or shape of the bump does not signify anything.


Emotional Development

You might be able to feel your baby’s kicks now and chances are, your partner can too. Make some ‘parents-to-be’ bonding time with your partner every day. After all, it’s important that you know what he’s going through as a dad-to-be.


Red Flags

Alert your doctor if you experience any bleeding, dizziness or pain in lower abdomen after an injury or a fall. Babies are usually snug inside the womb, but it’s always safe to rule out any complications.


Old Wives’ Tales

Cute baby clothes and toys in the shops might tempt you to go baby shopping. However, some families consider it bad luck to purchase anything for the baby before the baby’s actual arrival.

If you wish to respect this sentiment, just go window shopping. Make lists and click photographs of the things that you want. These can be bought by your family later once your baby is born.


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