My Weight Loss Journey From XXl To Xl

My Weight Loss Journey From XXl To Xl

5 Apr 2018 | 4 min Read


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Weight Loss?? How? How? How much????

After my pregnancy I  gained too much of weight. My sweet baby in my tummy had rewarded me an additional weight of 22 kg ( May be because my doctor had put me on complete bed rest.)  But still! Isn’t that too big a reward ? Whoop!!


I wanted weight loss. But how??? Actually, I was never a slim and sleek kind of a girl. Even before pregnancy, I weighed 67 kg which increased to 89 kg by 9th month of pregnancy.  Within 2-3 years of my daughter’s birth, my body shed away 10 kg without much effort, just by the routine work . And then my weight stood still around 79 kg and the needle of the weighing  machine just didn’t seem to be in a mood to displace much. All the dresses had to be loosened, some I had to gift to friends, (they were my favourite ones, I still remember the red pure georgette salwar suit with golden work on it) Shopping  became a tension to me.

Weight loss- The word  started disturbing my mind . And then one day, I don’t know how I made up my mind to lose some weight . Some deep hidden  desire, will-power rose and motivated me to start working on my weight .

Here I want to share few tips which worked for me and helped me lose weight as well as few inches. These tips helped me achieve the results within 4 months .

1. Brisk Walk

I started initially with 30 minutes brisk evening walk which I slowly increased to 40 min and then to 55 min. Walking really helps you a lot . From the very first day, I started feeling light and energised . But it has to be on regular basis . No excuses!! And yes, I truly did it on regular basis. My knees don’t allow me for jogging , so I chose brisk walk as one of the best health routine choices.

2. Skipping

I started rope skipping with initially just 20 jumps. But slowly when you maintain consistency your body adapts to anything new . Slowly, my body was able to do a larger number of jumps .

Set a daily target in your mind let’s say of 100 skips and try to complete it on regular basis . If you are able to do just 20 jumps in one go, then complete your target in 5 intervals with in-between rests of 2 -3 min each. And finish your skipping target at any convenient time you have. This flexibility makes things convenient . But do huff-hufff yourself with the daily skipping routine. It burns lot many calories and is one of the best cardio .

3. Oats in place of Paranthas

I am basically a Punjabi girl and you know we love paranthas . But my desire to lose weight was strong and I shifted to oats and cornflakes replacing paranthas in my breakfast. You can make spicy veggies oats and which is really tasty and does fulfill your hunger. I kept Sundays as cheat days and used to pamper my tummy with stuffed paranthas with fresh homemade white butter . My mouth is watering now, while writing, u know. But no no, Control, control and control!

4. Light Dinner

I used to have full lunch i.e. dal, sabji, roti, chawal, of course avoiding any fried veggie, but for dinner, I started keeping it only to dal, sabji and salad . Although, I am not following any health routine nowadays but in those days when I was fully following these health tips I really kept it this way, no roti or chawal at night . You too should definitely give it a try . If just dal or salad doesn’t satisfy you, you can again have a bowl of oats or make poha for yourself .

Well, these were the main tips which I followed that helped me move on from XXL to XL and many complements as the sweet toppings on the cake followed along .

May be these can prove to be helpful to you too . Thanks for reading .


Stay Fit. Be Healthy and Look Smart!!


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