How to Choose Right Sunscreen For Your Skin?

How to Choose Right Sunscreen For Your Skin?

Staying outdoors for extended periods can leave your skin damaged due to excessive sun exposure. Whether on your beach vacation or for your work, it is important to protect your skin with the right sunscreen or any other sun protection technology.

We all understand that continuous UV rays of the sun can cause sunburn, wrinkles, skin damage, or even skin cancer. While staying indoors is not always possible, you can apply the right sunscreen suitable for your skin.

How To Choose The Right Sunscreen?

When choosing sunscreen for your skin, check for certain important things to get the best results out of it.

Consider SPF (Sun Protection Factor)

SPF measures how much UVB rays the sunscreen can filter out. Pick the sunscreen with at least SPF 15 to stay protected from daily exposure to UV rays. However, most dermatologists recommend using sunscreen with SPF 30 as it blocks about 97 per cent of UVB rays. Ensure you apply enough sunscreen to various exposed areas of the skin every day.

Look For Ingredients

Check the active ingredients in the sunscreen. Look for formulas that contain titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, and avobenzone. Make sure you avoid sunscreen with retinyl palmitate as it may cause skin irritation.

Consider Your Skin Type

Before you pick sunscreen for your skin, consider your skin type as well. Sunscreen with a water-based ingredient is good for oily skin. Moreover, ensure that it should be non-comedogenic too to prevent any acne formation.


Sunscreen Usage Tips

  • Always wear sunscreen irrespective of the time of the year.
  • Apply sunscreen to all exposed parts of the body, including your face, hands, feet, ears, neck, and top of the head (if your skin is exposed).
  • Make sure to put a base coat of SPF 15 or 30 all over the exposed parts at least half an hour before stepping into the sun. Reapply every two hours.
  • Always follow the label guidelines for reapplication.


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