How Your Baby Grows Inside You: Week 24

How Your Baby Grows Inside You: Week 24

Your baby’s brain is starting to grow rapidly now and the neurons are making thousands of connections. These will contribute to your baby’s thoughts, feelings, emotions and memories. Imagine, so much is going on in such a tiny little brain!

Your little one is now about a foot long and weighs more than 500 grams. Most of her/ his vital organs are almost developed but the lungs are not fully mature yet. At this stage, the baby will find it difficult to survive outside the uterus as lungs mature only around week 35. So for a few more weeks, your uterus is the best place for your baby to develop.

Your baby still looks very skinny but the fat layers are now filling up and soon, s/he will have more flesh on the bones.


Signs and Symptoms

Your uterus is now well above your belly button and you might have started developing an itchy sensation over your tummy as the skin stretches.

Remember to use a moisturizer over your skin at least twice a day.  At night, you could rub some coconut oil with vitamin-E capsules mixed in.

You are still feeling energetic, so plan for a babymoon with your spouse if you haven’t already. Remember to carry a ‘fit to fly’ letter from your doctor as some airlines might not allow you to travel unless permitted by a doctor.

Also, remember to be diligent with your prenatal exercises. If you haven’t started an exercise routine yet, sign up for a class in your vicinity. It’s always good to start slow and then gradually build up tempo as your stamina increases.


Physical Development

Experiment with different clothes now that your bump is high. Dresses look lovely over baby bumps, so have a little fun with your look.

Remember to wear well-padded footwear; uncomfortable footwear could give you an achy back and make you more susceptible to falls.


Emotional Development

It is important that you keep yourself relaxed and stress-free as you and your baby share the same environment. We understand that it’s difficult to be zen all the time with so much is happening inside you but if you do feel stressed or overwhelmed, just  give yourself a break to calm down. Chatting with a friend or catching up on a stand up show is a good way to calm frayed nerves.


Red Flags

Watch out for any signs of discomfort such as excessive vaginal bleeding, spotting, cramps in the lower abdomen, lower back pain or an increase in pelvic pressure. These could be signs of preterm labor and must be reported to your doctor immediately.

It is best that your baby is born post week 37. This way s/he will be considered full term and be less prone to health concerns. A baby born prior to week 37 will need a longer stay at the hospital and this could stress the entire family.


Old Wives’ Tales

Some well-meaning people might advise you to avoid looking at disturbing images or pictures of animals citing that your baby might look like them! Well, genetics will ensure that your baby will look very much like a human. If certain images do unsettle you, don’t look at them but be assured that your baby will look normal.


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