How Your Baby Grows Inside You: Week 23

How Your Baby Grows Inside You: Week 23

By 23 weeks, your baby is almost 30 cms long and weighs more than half a kilo. In length, your baby is now more than half her/his birth size.

Your baby’s hearing is now well developed and she is making note of external sounds better. She is also moving around quite a bit and in a few weeks, will assume the ‘birth position’ which the head down position. So right now, don’t worry if the doctors examination or the ultrasound states that your  baby is in a breech presentation.


BODY CHANGES: What to expect

Are you feeling that your belly is uncomfortably  stretched? That’s because your uterus is growing rapidly and is now well above your belly button. Due to this you might feel some discomfort in your lower abdomen.

At times, you may also notice some short, painless contractions which do not have any pattern. These are called Braxton-Hicks contractions. It is merely your uterus doing its exercises. These contractions happen all through a woman’s life but are just more pronounced during the second half of pregnancy.


BEYOND THE BELLY: Physical Development

At your doctor’s visits, the doctor will check your abdomen with more force to check the growth of your baby. At Week 23, your doctor can feel different body parts of your baby as they are more pronounced.

Some women may notice that their foot size changes during pregnancy and its perfectly normal. If you’ve noticed this too, then it would be good to get a new pair of shoes for the next few months.

If you haven’t had a dental exam or your eye exam yet, then this is a good time to schedule one.


MIND MATTERS: Emotional Development

Moms-to-be can experience a myriad of emotions. And most often you may feel the urge to express your feelings. At such a time, it might be a good idea to maintain a colourful scrapbook to document your pregnancy journey. Down the years, it will be fun to read little details such as the date you realised you were pregnant or the first time you felt your baby’s kicks and many such milestones!


WATCH OUT FOR: Early contractions and Water intake

The stretchy feeling that you might get should not feel like intermittent pain that comes and goes. If it does, make a note of the duration that the pain lasts for and at what intervals does it recur. If there is a pattern, these could be early contractions and you must report them to your doctor immediately.

Keeping yourself well hydrated is extremely important during pregnancy especially if you’re out and about or exercising. Remember to sip water before, during and after your exercise routine to ensure that you do not experience dehydration.


OLD WIVES’ TALES: Just for fun

As soon as you announce your pregnancy, you sure will get a lot of advice from, almost everybody who has experienced motherhood. Often you will here things like, If your own mother had a difficult pregnancy, then you will have a tough time too. Don’t worry if you hear such statements. How a pregnancy progresses does not depend only on genetics, it depends more on the expecting woman’s diet, lifestyle and the size and position of the uterus.


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